What is “The Autumn Difference?”

Any agent can sell insurance, but it takes a true professional to take the time to help you find the right coverage, in the right amounts, to fit your needs.

Referral-Only Marketing

Our business is fully based on referrals!  We do not advertise in any way except to support local organizations.


We rely on our clients referring us to their friends, family and co-workers.  Most people won’t refer a business that does less than an excellent job for them.  Our goal is to take such great care of every Autumn client that they want to have us help their families and friends as well.

Our Unique Processes ensure that you get the highest quality “full service” that you deserve, whether you are purchasing insurance from us for the first time, or you are on your 15th annual renewal.  To see more details on any of our processes just click on the process name.

We Utilize The Security Advantage™ Which Ensures That All Of Our Team Members Working On Your Account Are Focused On Helping You Get The Right Coverage At The Right Price.

Our Security Advantage™ Process Ensures That Your Business Is Covered.  We Review All The Variables For Your Business To Develop A Comprehensive Plan To Protect Your Business And Its Owners At The Right Price.

We Understand That The Health Of Your Employees Is Vital To The Success Of Your Business.  That Is Why We Utilize The Security Advantage™ In Helping You To Design And Implement A Health Insurance Plan That Works For You.

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As a referral only agency, we are growing through your referrals  -thank you!